Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

B. Conveyance. 1. The transfer of a land dedication may be conveyed by a plat, or by a separate written agreement. 2. A dedication of land is not complete unless and until it is accepted by the Governing Body. (See Subdivision Regulations, Section 7-108D3.) 102 Reserves A. A reserve is an area of land platted within a subdivision, and reserved for current or future sale to a governmental unit for a public facility or use. (See definition of RESERVE.) B. Conveyance. 1. When a reserve is sold for development of a public facility, the Subdivider must convey a deed for title of the property to the appropriate governmental entity. 103 Easements A. An easement is a dedication by a property owner that allows others to use a portion of the owner's land for a specific public purpose, such as access, drainage, or to locate utilities. (See definition of EASEMENT.) 1. An easement may be publicly or privately owned. 2. There are limits on what structures can be located on a public easement. B. Conveyance. 1. Long-term Maintenance. The Subdivider must convey rights to an easement to whichever entity will be responsible for long-term maintenance, such as the Homeowners Association or the City.

ARTICLE 9. DEDICATIONS, RESERVES & EASEMENTS 100 Intent of the Comprehensive Plan A. A subdivision plat must conform with the intent of the City's Comprehensive Plan, and a Subdivider may therefore be required to provide dedications, reserves or easements within the subdivision to support needed public uses. 1. Land for needed public facilities may also be acquired through voluntary dedication, negotiation, or the use of Kansas condemnation laws. B. Land for Parks, Recreation or Greenspace. Subdividers may be required to provide a dedication or reserve for public recreational facilities, park purposes or GREENSPACE. 1. Greenspace may need to be preserved in order to maintain the quality of the environment, to maintain water quality and quantity; or to protect land from periodic flooding or soil erosion. 2. Land suitable for greenspace preservation may include areas with natural watercourses, drainage ways, substantial woodland, rugged topography, or wildlife habitat. C. Maintenance Access. Each dedication, reserve, or easement must have maintenance access from a public right-of-way. 101 Dedications A. A dedication is a gift or donation of land by the owner to a governmental unit. (See definition of DEDICATION.)

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