Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

3. City Planning Commission Recommendation. If the County Commissioners set a date for their hearing which allows enough time, the City Planning Commission will meet to consider their recommendation on the vacation petition to the City Governing Body. a. The City Planning Commission may recommend to the City Governing Body that the vacation petition be approved by the County Commissioners, be approved with conditions attached, or be protested . b. The Planning Commission should announce the date, time and place the Governing Body will consider the vacation recommendation, and the date, time and place of the County Commission hearing. 4. Notice. At least 10 days before the Planning Commission meeting on the proposed vacation, the City Subdivision Administrator must mail a notice to: a. All affected utility providers. b. T he County Engineer. c. Property owners. (1) Those owning land proposed for vacation. (2) Those owning land abutting the street, alley or easement proposed for vacation. (3) Those owning land abutting a segment of the vacated street, alley or easement, that will remain open. (4) Those owning land on the opposite side of the street from vacations of setbacks and access control easements. (5) Petitioners must provide the Subdivision Administrator with a list of the names, addresses and zip codes of all property owners to be notified.

103 Vacation of Streets, Alleys, Easements and Recorded Plats in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction A. In the extraterritorial subdivision jurisdiction area only, the following procedures are used to vacate streets, alleys or other public reserves, including but not limited to all or parts of recorded plats, public easements, dedicated building setback lines, and access control. County actions noted in these regulations are required by state statutes K.S.A. 58-2613 , 2614 , and 2615 . 1. Vacation Petition. A vacation petition may be submitted by an owner of platted land proposed for vacation, or an owner of land adjoining either side of any street, alley, easement or other public reserve proposed for vacation. a. A vacation petition must be filed with the Board of County Commissioners. b. All nongovernmental petitioners are required to pay a processing fee to the County Clerk to cover any cost of the proceedings, including publication and recording costs. 2. Establish County Hearing Date. Upon receiving a vacation petition, the County Commissioners fix a date, time and place for a hearing on the petition. a. Notice of the hearing must be provided to the City's Planning Commission and Governing Body.

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