Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

104 Correction of Platting Errors A. After substantiating the existence of an error in a recorded plat, the applicable City or County Engineer may file an affidavit that the error was made with the County Register of Deeds. (See K.S.A. 12-420.) 1. Errors may be found in distances, angles, bearings, subdivision or street names, block or lot numbers, computation of dimensions, elevations, or other details of the plat. 2. The property described in that part of the plat containing the error must be under the ownership of the person who caused the plat to be prepared. 3. These procedures do not apply to errors made in connection with the outer boundaries of the plat. B. Affidavit. The affidavit must describe the nature and extent of the error and the appropriate correction. 1. The affidavit must be recorded with the County Register of Deeds. a. The Register of Deeds must note in the margin of the recorded plat that the affidavit has been filed, the date of filing, and the book and page where it is recorded. 2. A copy of the recorded affidavit must be filed with the applicable City or County Subdivision Administrator. C. Filing of the affidavit corrects the described errors, but has no effect on the validity of the plat, or on any property interest recorded by reference to the plat. D. The person requesting the correction will pay the County for engineering costs and recording fees.

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