Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 3 — Site Plan Review

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

C. The Checklist of Site Plan Review Appearance Standards addresses seven design elements: 1. Relationship of Buildings to Site —

3.5 — Checklists This Chapter contains the Checklist used by members of the Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) when evaluating the design of a proposed project, as well as Checklists used by City staff to ensure that each application is complete. 3.5.1 — Checklist of Site Plan Review Appearance Standards

building placement, access, pedestrian movement, parking, building scale and interrelationships. 2. Relationships to Adjoining Areas — styles, landscape transitions, harmony. 3. Landscape and Site Treatment — compatibility with existing patterns, hardscape elements, plant types and sizes, exterior lighting. 4. Building Design — design quality, relationship to surrounding, scale, materials, colors, sight-lines. 5. Signs — size, scale, location, materials, graphic elements, lighting. 6. Miscellaneous Structures and Street Hardware — compatibility, scale, materials, color, lighting, maintenance. 7. Maintenance Planning and Design Factors — quality of material, durability, cleaning.

3.5.2 — Checklists of Application Requirements 3.5.3 — Checklist of Site Plan Required Elements

3.5.1 — Checklist of Site Plan Review Appearance Standards A. The Checklist of Site Plan Review Appearance Standards is intended to ensure that each proposed development project receives a comparable evaluation from the SPRC. 1. A PDF copy is available for download on the City website under Government / Commissions & Committees / Site Plan Review Committee. B. This Checklist is also intended to provide the Applicant with ideas for design solutions that may help prevent potential delays in the review process. 1. The Checklist does not dictate a specific architectural style, but rather encourages design compatibility with the surrounding development and land uses. 2. For most projects, the Checklist of Site Plan Review Appearance Standards provides the necessary tools to ensure site compatibility and quality design.

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