Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Zoning Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

m. Lighting. Except for lighting specifically required by the Federal Aviation Administration or other federal or state authority, wireless infrastructure must not be artificially illuminated and must not display strobe lights. (1) Security lighting around the base of a tower may be provided if the lighting is shielded so that no light is directed towards adjacent properties or rights-of- ways, and the lighting avoids illuminating the tower. (2) When incorporated into the design of the wireless telecommunication facilities, street lights, traffic signal, or light fixtures used to illuminate ball fields, parking lots, or similar areas may be attached to the wireless facility. (3) Temporary lighting for nighttime repairs is permitted. I. Wireless Facility Inspections. 1. Wireless facilities must meet operational standards established by the FCC, FAA, EPA and other applicable federal regulatory agencies. a. If standards are revised, the wireless facility must be brought into compliance within 6 months of the effective date of the revised standards. b. Failure to comply with federal standards constitutes grounds for removal of the facility at the owner or provider's expense.

2. All wireless facilities may be inspected by the Zoning Administrator or their designee, to determine compliance with original construction standards. a. Deviation from original construction standards constitutes a zoning violation. b. If the City inspection determines that the wireless facility does not comply with City building codes, and constitutes a danger to persons or property, the Zoning Administrator will notify the wireless facility owner or property owner in writing. (1) The wireless facility owner or property owner must J. Removal of Abandoned Facilities for Wireless Communication. Any wireless facility that is not operated for 12 continuous months will be considered abandoned and a nuisance. 1. The Zoning Administrator will provide written notice to the wireless facility owner or the landowner, that the wireless facility must be removed within 90 days of receipt of the notice. 2. The wireless facility owner may be allowed to demonstrate whether the wireless facility has been in operation during the time period in question. The burden of proof is on the owner. 3. If the wireless facility is not removed within 90 days , the City may have the wireless facility removed at the wireless facility owner or landowner's expense. bring the wireless facility into compliance within 30 days following written notice, or the City may order the removal of the wireless facility, or have the wireless facility removed at the owner or property owner's expense.

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