Universal Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Safety Sign Care  Keep safety signs clean and legible at all times  Replace safety signs that are missing or have become illegible  Replaced parts that displayed a safety sign should also display the current sign. To order Safety Decals contact:

USA: K-Line Agriculture PO Box 567


K-Line Agriculture PO Box 340 74 Young Rd Cowra NSW 2794 Email: sales@k-line.net.au Freecall: 1800 194 131

700 Division Avenue S Cavalier ND 58220 Email: sales@k-lineag.com Freecall: 1800 445 6882

How to Install Safety Signs:  Be sure that the installation area is clean and dry.  Decide on the exact position before you remove the backing paper.  Remove the smallest portion of the split backing paper.  Align the decal over the specified area and carefully press the small portion with the exposed sticky backing in place.  Slowly peel back the remaining paper and carefully smooth the remaining portion of the decal in place. Safe Operation In field and Transport/Roading Read and understand your manual Take time to familiarize yourself with the operation of this machine, particularly the safety signs and devices fitted to this machine.

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Hydraulic fluid escaping under pressure can have sufficient force to cause injury. Keep all hoses and connections in

good serviceable condition. Failure to heed may result in serious personal injury or death. Escaping hydraulic fluid under pressure can penetrate the skin causing serious injury. Avoid the hazard by relieving the pressure before disconnecting lines or performing work on the system. Make sure hydraulic fluid connections are tight and all hydraulic hoses and lines are in good condition before applying pressure to the system. Use a piece of paper or cardboard, NOT BODY PARTS, to check for suspected leaks. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses or goggles when working with hydraulic systems. DO NOT DELAY! If an accident occurs, see a doctor familiar with this type of injury immediately. Any fluid injected into the skin or eyes must be treated within a few hours or gangrene may result.

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