Universal Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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6. Hoses are coded according to function. (Page 10)

7. Check tire pressure and wheel tension

8. Beware of high pressure fluid. (see figure 6)

9. Release pressure from system before


10. Plug in hoses to respective remote ports.

11. Plug in electrical lead to tractor connection

12. Release implement jack & store

Figure 5

13. Jack must be securely locked in place when


If implement jack is damaged DO NOT USE, replace

immediately, or severe bodily harm may result. See Figure


Figure 6

14. Check hydraulic cylinders are fully primed to avoid

serious injury or death. (Page 24) for priming

Hose Grip color codes

hydraulic system


Function Wheel lift

Hydraulic Hose Hook up (Accessory)


Figure 7

 For ease of hook up, hose grip handles are color coded.  The same color is used for both hoses on each circuit To distinguish between EXTEND and RETRACT grips are marked according to Figure 8



Figure 8

Electrical Connection Hook up (Accessory)

 Ensure tractor and machine electrical connections are compatible  Plug lead into tractor terminal  Test lighting prior to road travel (power not required for field work)

Figure 9

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