Universal Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Lift cylinder safety lock channel

Wheel Lift safety locks

Lift cylinder lock channel type. (See figure 10)  Fully extend lift cylinder/s  Remove from storage point  Secure lock channel on cylinder/s shaft, with lynch pins provided.  To release lock channel from cylinder/s, lift hydraulics  When not in use always place lock channel in storage point provided.

Figure 10

Transporting/Roading 3PL Mode

1. Check the tractor manufacturer specifications for weight and suitability of rear mounted implements

2. lock up 3 Point Linkage anti sway stabiliser

Figure 11

system on tractor


Ensure tractor tires are correctly inflated

4. Ensure safety locks and pins are engaged.

5. Keep brake pedals latched together at all times


Plan your route to avoid heavy traffic


Observe bridge load ratings

Transporting/Roading Trailing Mode

Sway Hazard: Lock out draw bar swing mechanism. FAILURE TO COMPLY COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY.

8. Ensure towing unit weight is the same as or greater

than the towed unit.

9. Lockout tractor drawbar swing mechanism

Figure 12

10. Ensure tires are inflated to see page 25

11. Check wheel nut tension see page 25

*NB (see page 25 for wheel nut re-tensioning


12. Ensure safety locks are engaged

13. Ensure safety chains are attached to towing unit.

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