Universal Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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 Depth setting- ensure both wing modules are the same depth. This can affect tracking in line .  Tracking in line (tilt)  Lateral disc gang adjustment.  Side coulter settings.

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Work Soil Deeper

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Gradually lower depth settings.

 

Slower operating speed.

Problem Solving



Need more disturbance & weed control

Check these adjustments in sequence-  Tracking in line .  Lateral disc gang adjustment.  Lower depth control settings (gradually).

15/16 17/18 15

Machine Blocking in loose soil with heavy trash

Work at an angle 15° off line.

 

Lift front disc gang to work shallower, ensuring rear disc gang is operating deep enough to drive in the soil.  Slow down to allow time for trash to move through machine.  Adjust side coulter (common reason for blockage). Coulter Adjustment alternatives-  Lift up.  Move forward.  Angle coulter outwards.  Move coulter to outside of support member to give better to give better clearance for trash flow.

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Plugging in Wet Soils


Raise working depth

  

Increase speed

Give soil more time to dry out.

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