Universal Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Daily maintenance check for optimum performance

Disc bolts – check first 10 hours

Before Starting Work: 1. Check wheel nut tension & tire pressure page 25 2. Check all pivot pins are fastened and anchor bolts are correctly tensioned. Follow tension specification on Pages 31-32 3. Check discs and disc bolt tension to specified torque 250ft lb / 340nm 4. Check for damaged, worn and fatigued parts. Have machine repaired if necessary. 5. Ensure all appropriate safety decals are securely attached to machine – Refer to Pages 5-8 6. Check hydraulic system is fully primed – see Page 23 7. Check all safety mechanisms are in place and operating correctly

Figure 23

8. Lubricate rear roller bearings – Refer to Page 24 9. Instruction manual has been read, understood and stored with machine. *NB All steps set out in MACHINE OPERATION (page 14-18) must be performed after replacing discs.

Disc Arm Identification (Rear view)

Front Row Left Hand

Back Row Right Hand

Top plate bolt tension 200ft lb / 280nm Disc bolt tension 250ft lb / 340nm

Disc Arm Locating Bolts – check first 10hrs of operation

Figure 26

Figure 25

Figure 24

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