Universal Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM  Conduct comprehensive risk assessment of machine with consideration for use and maintenance

 Ensure machine is delivered as per purchase order including options

 All pins and lynch pins are in place

 Hydraulic system is primed and operating properly (if applicable).

 Check gearboxes for oil (if applicable).

 Check belts for tightness (if applicable).

 Instruction manual is supplied and explained.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to:  Maintain in as new condition all warning and safety signs and devices at all times.  Ensure all operators are familiar with this manual and all safety devices and features of the machine.  Maintain the machine at all times in a condition that is safe to operate, and ensure it complies with any relevant safety acts of parliament, government authorities and regulations.  Take every reasonable precaution as is commonly expected in this industry and in the operation of the machine.  Before mounting, check with manufacturer of machine or consult engineer to ensure strength and balance of machine is adequate to accommodate the K-Line products you have purchased.  You must conduct a risk assessment, taking all risks into consideration before commissioning machine for use.


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Signed: To confirm registration for warranty, please return this page (signed) to F :( 02) 6342 6913 or E: sales@k-line.net.au

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