Combined Speedtiller Powerflex Operator Safety Manual

T I R E S A F E T Y & P R E S S U R E S


• Always cage tires before seating beads. • Never exceed stated pressures when seating beads. • Do not attempt to mount a tire unless you have the suitable equipment and experienced personnel. • Inflating tires can be dangerous. Always stand to the side when inflating. • Failure to comply could result in serious injury or death. • Load ratings of replacement tires should meet or exceed weight requirements. • Correct pressure is 90PSI/620KPA (Centre) 75PSI/517KPA (Wing). • Before mounting wheel to machine, check all hub and rim contact surfaces are undamaged and free of paint, dirt and grease. • Lubricate wheel stubs with standard viscosity oil. • Tension wheel nuts to 350ft/lbs /474nm. • For field operation: Re-tension after 1st, 5th, then every 50 hrs of operation. • For road travel re-tension first 3 miles (5kms), 10 miles (15kms), and thereafter at 25 miles (40kms) intervals.

Figure 15

Figure 16

Tire Pressures When Fitted With Standard 22.5 Inch Tires

TIRE PRESSURE Center: 90PSI / 620KPA Wing: 75PSI / 517KPA Wheel Nut Tension: 350ft lbs / 474nm

Figure 17

When optional flotation tires are fitted use tire pressures stated on the tire. If no pressure stated use 50/55 PSI.

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