Combined Speedtiller Powerflex Operator Safety Manual

The disc positioning system is used for maximum soil disturbance, reduced ridging and weed control. Adjustment can also be made to compensate for disc wear. ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE *NB - Be sure machine is tracking in line before attempting to make this adjustment. Pg 30 LATERAL FRONT DISC GANG POSITIONING • Start with factory settings. Pg 31 • To remove any ridges, test run at normal operating speed and stop quickly. • Check for ridges of undug soil. Follow ridges into machine and identify which direction to adjust. See diagrams on this page • Only adjust front sideways in small increments ½” or 12mm. • Re-check in hard soils as jump arms tend to flex more. R emember , F ull ground disturbance starts at 2 ½” 60 mm F I E L D O P E R AT I O N


Figure 32

Adjustable Front Gang



Top Elevation

Soil Throw

Figure 33

Soil Throw




Cross Sectional View Of Soil Distrubance

Move Front Gang Right To Cut Out (A) Left To Cut Out (B)

Figure 34

Figure 31

2912, 2962 & 2995P Speedt i l l er Power f l ex Ⓡ

Operator & Safet y Manua l

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