Combined Speedtiller Powerflex Operator Safety Manual


FLOATING HITCH MODE In this setting, the front wheel hydraulics control the depth of cut on the front gangs only, and the rear roller hydraulics control the rear gang depth of cut. This mode is suited to lighter or shallower working SETTINGS • Rotate handle on control bar out (Anti clockwise) See figure 35 . • Lower machine to ground. • Tilt hydraulics (BLUE) must be in float mode when working.. • Adjust front to rear depth ratio, for depth and best on line tracking. Perform this hydraulically on the go, with hydraulic roller control option See pg 28 . • Set ram stops to maintain settings. • A common setting for ram stops: ( May need more ram stops in softer soils ) SILVER + WHITE + RED for front wheels SILVER + WHITE + BLUE for rear roller • EXTEND WHEEL LIFT RAMS (RED) TO LIFT MACHINE WHEN PERFORMING HEADLANDS & CORNERS. *NB - All discs must engage with soil for positive rotation (See note on previous page ) WING DOWN PRESSURE (ONLY APPLIES TO 2912P & 2995P MODEL) Use wing down pressure only when required, however if needed, extend rams for wing down pressure (YELLOW) and leave hydraulic lever in fixed position.

WARNING WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED IF TILT OR REAR ROLLER HYDRAULICS ARE FORCED DOWNWARDS CAUSING ROLLERS TO CARRY EXCESSIVE MACHINE WEIGHT WHEN TURNING OR ON HEADLANDS. SPEED RANGE • 5-9 mph (8-15km/hr). • Speed variable to suit conditions. Slow down in terrain such as rocks or other difficult operating conditions. WARNING: USE OF MACHINE BEYOND ITS LIMITS OR INTENT OF OPERATION WILL VOID WARRANTY. WARNING In field adjustments for Machine must be: • Lowered to ground OR, • Placed in raised position with all safety locks engaged with engine shut down. FAILURE TO COMPLY COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

Refer to Ram stop combinations, Pg 33 .

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OPERATORS TO: Read and understand your manual. Take time to familiarize yourself with the operation of this machine, particularly the safety signs and devices fitted to this machine.

2912, 2962 & 2995P Speedt i l l er Power f l ex Ⓡ

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