Combined Speedtiller Powerflex Operator Safety Manual


When you receive the machine, make sure that it has not been damaged during transportation and that no parts are missing. Only by giving us immediate advice can the necessary replacement parts be obtained. Ensure that all components are correctly adjusted. GENUINE PARTS K-Line spareparts and accessories have been specifically designed anddeveloped for themachines produced. We would call your attention to the fact that non-genuine parts and accessories are not recommended by K-Line. The use of such replacement parts frees K-Line from all liability and makes the warranty void. The installation and/or use of non-genuine parts may, because of technical characteristics of construction, modify or influence the performance of the machine negatively. IDENTIFYING THE MACHINE FOR REQUESTING SPARE PARTS The machine is identified by the serial number on the metal plate on the machine. When requesting spare parts or maintenance service, please indicate the model and number of your equipment to ensure prompt and efficient attention. TRACTOR REQUIREMENTS 10-14 Horsepower x width of machine in feet 25-35 Kilowatt x meter width of machine in meters Tractor weight must be same as or greater than the towed unit. Hydraulic valves 4 x Double spool (optional) Hydraulic operating pressure 2800 PSI approximately DEFINITIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL DISC ARM IDENTIFICATION (REAR VIEW)




Top plate bolt tension 200ft lbs/280nm Disc bolt tension 250ft lbs/340nm BOLT TENSION

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