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Grassroots with passion

To prevent that nightmare, get organised with a good social media service. Uploading your photos at the end of each day is a good habit. For example you can upload your pictures to Facebook or Instagram just before you go to bed. If travelling to places with limited internet access, be sure to have extra memory cards for your digital camera. Remove the card each night and insert a new card for the following day. Store the cards separately from your camera. Screaming Kids The sound of a screaming child especially for a long time on end would be stressful for anyone. If you are an outgoing person who doesn't mind kids, you could offer some help to the parent with the hollering kid. If you are not one for babysitting stranger kids, consider cancelling out the noise with ear plugs or headphones. Relax with some nice thoughts such as visions of your holiday destinations. Getting lost The chances of losing your way are high in a foreign land. Make sure you knowhow to say your destination in the local language or at least write it down in a card so that you can show it to the locals. Also ascertain your phone has updated maps of your destination, or carry along a map. Even if you are really lost, fret not as you can take the chance to embark on some sightseeing particularly if you have time. Forgetting to pack stuff Do you over-pack or do you forget essentials? Maybe you do both! One way to make sure you have everything you need in your bag is to brainstormwith travelling partners on the list of things to bring. The list may comprise swimming suits, medication, toiletries, passports and so on. To cut down on the clothing to pack with you, plan on using the hotel laundry service to create a supply of fresh clothings throughout the trip.

Airport Security With today's terrorism rife, many airports are tightening security. The anxiety of slow security clearance and long waits causing you to be late for your flight is, therefore, not totally unfounded. To circumvent this, arrive early for check-in – at least one and a half hours before your flight schedule. Find out how much gate screening time you need with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) at or with GateGuru ( Do not worry about ending up with spare time after the check-in. There is always shopping to indulge in, or just window-shopping, or web surfing or how about just doing nothing for some minutes? We Singaporeans need to learn to relax and not feel we have to fill our every second with an activity! Falling Sick Suffer from diarrhoea or vomiting during trips? Get enough rest before and during the trip, drink plenty of water and eat well. Keep your hands clean by using antibacterial washes. Local delights are always enticing but be sure they are prepared under hygienic conditions before we consume them. Losing Photos When travelling, we often click away vigorously and before you know it we would have accumulated thousands of photos. But one wrong click, and we can lose them all just as easily too!

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