Brauns Law - March 2020


The Book That Changed My Life What Happens When We Make Time to Read

All my life, I’ve been a prolific reader. I have early memories of going to the library as a child with my mom and walking out with stacks of books that filled my arms. Every book offered some fantastic new adventure, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. I was an English lit major in college, and I loved getting to read all the classic works of fiction. I’m still a big reader today, though I’m primarily reading nonfiction these days. For me, books have served as my mentors. Every successful person has a coach or a mentor they learn from and model themselves after. I never had a mentor I could meet with in person, but fortunately, successful people love writing books. It’s never been easier to find a podcast, YouTube video, or book from some successful person talking about how they overcame whatever problem I’m dealing with at that moment. Rather than finding someone to physically mentor me, I’ve been able to improve myself by reading books from people who are successful in business, law, family, or fitness and learn chapter by chapter. One book that absolutely changed my life was “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. Reading this book is what inspired me to take the leap and start my firm. Cardone is a motivational speaker who isn’t just some guru trying to sell audiences something. He’s run his own successful business, so everything he writes about is based on real experiences.

“One book that absolutely changed my life was ‘The 10X Rule’ by Grant Cardone.”

“The 10X Rule” is about goal setting, but it goes beyond the advice to “write down your goals,” like most people preach. In fact, while most people say to play it safe with “attainable,” Cardone says the biggest mistakes people make are not setting high enough goals. He advocated for setting goals that are 10 times bigger than your original goal. Massive action for massive results. Even if you don’t achieve that massive goal, you’ll still be much further along than you would be if you held yourself to the smaller goal. I listened to “The 10X Rule” on audio book, and it gave me the courage to start my firm. The biggest barrier to success was my own uncertainty, so I just had to go for it, and go big. Looking where I am today, I’d say Cardone’s advice is pretty solid. March 2 is Read Across America Day, and I know a lot of people talk about how much they want to read more but never find the time. Between being a lawyer, running my own firm, and raising a family, I know what it’s like to have limited reading time. I’ve found that if I want to

read, I have to make time to read. Aside from the occasional football game here or there, I don’t watch a lot of TV. Instead, I spend an hour reading before bed. It’s a good way to wind down, and they say not staring at a screen before bed helps you sleep better. Between audiobooks, e-books, and the ever-reliable library book, it’s easier than ever to make time to read more. Set a goal to read at least 10 books this year — then I dare you to employ the 10X Rule and aim to read 100 books this year! -David Brauns


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