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May 2019

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The Implications of Throwing Aside Face-to-Face Interactions On the Trail of Better Communication

In our modern world, interfacing keeps getting easier. In fact, at a glance, it seems like modern business logistics change daily. From electronic business transactions to meeting with your clients over Skype, there are endless interactions possible in this high-tech climate. The problem I keep running into is figuring out where it stops. I have never taken the easy way out or cut corners, so I would be disregarding my good conscience if I started now. At what point do we turn the screens off and get back to in-person business? The efficiencies of adapting to these new-age programs are dramatic, but so are the pitfalls. I pride myself on using my firm for good, and along the way, I’ve adopted values that prioritize giving my clients the truth in a one-on-one setting. No business can afford to lose trust or authenticity, and my firm won’t give way to convenience. We’re not living in the Dark Ages at Dellutri Law. As a matter of fact, our use of technology is far superior to any firm our size. We have all the modern conveniences you expect and then some, but we won’t let our clients get lost in a wave of impersonal consultations and half-hearted legal care. I’ve always offered free consultations upfront, and I’ve found that these are the best way to get to know my clients before jumping into a serious legal matter together. I am shocked to discover that other attorneys

are letting these practices fall to the wayside in favor of technology.

hands, and I can go to work for them. This is how we start a relationship. As long as I am in charge, there will always be a discussion, there will always be a mutual understanding on goal setting, and there will always be an agreement on the terms of representation. Down the line, if I find out that chatting on an iPhone helps get us to the finish line of a successful case, I’ll admit I’m wrong. I’m flexible and ready to give my clients the best counsel they deserve. Here at Dellutri Law, we’re not afraid to swing the pendulum in the other direction and pave a path to success that is proven to work. When you or a loved one is in a car accident or faces financial problems, you know whom to call for help. “The efficiencies of adapting to these new-age programs are dramatic, but so are the pitfalls.”

But some things do need to change with the times. In fact, some things should have changed long ago, but knowing that there are clients out there with attorneys who have lost the will to hear what their clients have to say is disheartening. I recently met with a few colleagues and found out that they have completely revamped their initial consultation process. In their words, “My time is too valuable to waste meeting with new clients. We have staff for that.” This statement blew me away. They said that their new strategies focus on setting aside the typical face time they used to have with clients, substituting more tech-heavy options instead. To me, this is all wrong. The first seeds of doubt planted in an attorney-client relationship come from failing to build trust. I make sure that’s never the case at our firm. Would you hire an employee without an interview? Why would you hire an attorney you have never met? I need to sit across the table from a family seeking help after a car accident. I need to look them in the eye, listen to their story, note what they have been through, and map out a strategy to help them. Likewise, they need to have enough confidence in me that we can shake

–Carmen Dellutri

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