CellCheck Newsletter June 2018 FINAL


June News

Finola McCoy, Programme Manager

W elcome to the June edition of the CellCheck newsletter. This month’s guest contributor is Alan Johnson. Alan is a Senior ResearchOfficer in the Department of Agriculture, Food and theMarine’s (DAFM) Regional Veterinary Laboratory (RVL) in Limerick. In his article he discusses the merits of milk culture testing. Approximately 6,000 milk samples were cultured in veterinary laboratories around the country in 2017. While this is not a high figure, the number has been rising in recent years, as more and more dairy farmers pay attention to mastitis control on their farms. This month’s technical tip is a reminder about the importance of changing milking machine liners after 2,000 milkings or 6 months, whichever comes first. Aged liners can harbour bacteria and chemical residues, and can result in cows that are incompletely milked out. This month, we feature a scientific paper that examines the effect of the duration of the milking machine pulsation rest phase on teat end congestion. Finally, CellCheck Milking For Quality Awards update. Two new categories have been added this year for dairy discussion groups; Most Improved Group – the winning group will come from applicant groups who have the most improved group average bulk milk somatic cell count, based on SCC data submitted by milk processors to the ICBF database, for the September 2017-August 2018 period compared to the average of the previous two years; Best SCC Group - the winning group will come from applicant groups who have the best group average (September 2017-August 2018 period) bulk somatic cell count based on the monthly average SCC submitted by milk processors to the ICBF database. Representatives from Teagasc, AHI and ICBF will analyse the data and determine the winners. These Awards are open to all dairy discussion groups. Details and application form is available from the AHI website or any Teagasc Dairy Advisors. The deadline for the return of the application form is Monday 11 th of June. Awards will be presented at the CellCheck Milking For Quality Awards ceremony in November.



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