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Anushree Nirgude

The role of leader keeps changing and evolving with time. The reasons for this are dynamic socio-economical trends and changing mindset of people. Previously, charisma was considered the most important element of leadership. People used to blindly follow charismatic leaders. Today, though charisma is considered a distinguishing factor, it is not enough. As people have become more pragmatic, a leader should have something substantial to offer. He should not only have big

Anushree, Executive – Coaching Division is pursuing her postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from International School of Business & Media, Pune. She has keen interest in identifying, enhancing capabilities of people and helping them simplify their lives. She loves to work on subjects that require in-depth research, thorough thinking and bonding with inner self.

goals and high aspirations, but also understand and respect his followers’ dreams and aspirations. He should ensure that their personal goals are achieved while working for the bigger goal. In human resource management field, this is the core of employee engagement, motivation and retention. In today’s world, followers have become thinking individuals. They cross question, debate and evaluate every idea presented to them.Therefore, a leader must know his ideas and theories thoroughly, logically and completely. Unlike in past, questioning ideas is not perceived as lack of respect anymore. On the contrary, it shows interest, willingness to understand, contribute and bring improvement. So a leader should be ready for discussion, open to criticism and feedback. It enhances transparency in processes, helps increase trust and respect for the leader. Today’s followers do not feel that they are inferior to the leader. Though they acknowledge the power and position of the leader, they have a sense of high self-esteem and self efficacy. This increased self respect is cumulative effect of many social changes. Keeping this in mind, a leader should ensure that he does not hurt self respect of his followers.

The leader – follower relationship is definitely not parent - child or master – slave relation anymore.Today it has evolved to become a coach – protégée relation. And every aspirant leader should bare this in mind.

“ It is imperative that organizations define leadership through competency framework.”

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