Jones Smiles - March 2018



March 2018


THE PRIVILEGE OF PUTTING PATIENTS AT EASE Meet Colleen Hornbuckle, Our Scheduling Coordinator!

As the scheduling coordinator here at Jones Smiles, I often get to be the very first point of contact for our wonderful patients. From the thousands of apprehensive first-time patients I’ve spoken to over the phone for more than two years at the practice, I know better than most just how terrified many people are of the dentist. I can’t tell you the number of calls I’ve received from patients holding back tears, ashamed to have neglected their teeth for so many years. Maybe they’re suffering with persistent, nagging pain, or they can barely stand to look at their smile in the mirror. Some just need a regular checkup or cleaning, but they are struck with crippling anxiety at the mere mention of dental treatment. Whatever their reason for calling in, I love doing everything I can to put patients at ease. I immediately let them know that Jones Smiles is nothing like the dental offices they’ve visited before. It feels great to tell every patient, with 100 percent certainty, that they’re going to receive the highest-quality and most comfortable treatment they’ve ever experienced. If they’re still scared, I invite them to stop by for a visit with no strings attached. I’ll say hello, show them around the treatment rooms, and introduce them to a few of the friendly people who work here. Within minutes, even the most hesitant of patients start to relax and breathe easy. When you’re genuinely treated like family from the moment you walk in, it’s difficult to stay anxious. Jones Smiles is just that kind of place.

our office is because our entire team

treats one another like a family. We’ve built trust and respect over years of working together, everyone collaborating to create a truly unique experience. When I’m not at the office, I try to spend as much time as possible outside, hiking or traveling with my husband. Though I’m originally from New York, I’ve fallen in love with the natural beauty of Georgia over the past few years. I try to stay present in whatever I’m doing, whether it’s drawing, painting, writing poetry, or meditating. This month, I’m excited to take a trip to the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina. I’m determined to do yoga on the beach, hopefully catching as many sunrises and sunsets as possible. Since I’m often one of the first people at Jones Smiles to see a new patient and one of the last people to wave goodbye as they leave, I get to see some pretty amazing transformations. Many people come in hunched over, self-conscious about their smiles, only to depart after treatment with a newfound confidence. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of that process and to make our patients’ lives just a little better in my own way. I can’t imagine a better place to be. – Colleen Hornbuckle

Of course, such a kind and easygoing atmosphere doesn’t happen by accident. The reason our patients feel like family in

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