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Ranch & Farm Hacks: Simple Wireless Water Heater

This is how Judd heated their 150 gal. water trough.

6. Secure and center your water trough, so it can’t be pushed around. Judd used four T-posts.

1. Pick a place for your water trough to go. Higher ground is preferable so your hole doesn’t fill with water. 2. Dig a 6-7ft hole; the deeper, the better. In Judd’s case, they used a post-hole digger on the back of their tractor and dug an 8ft deep, 18in. wide hole. 3. Find one or two barrels that will fit in the hole. They can be any material, Judd used some old 20-gallon oil barrels. Give at least 2in. of clearance on both sides. 4. Cut the bottoms out of the drums to make a tube. (If you use a culvert, you can skip this step.) 5. Place the tube(s) in the hole, stacked on top of each other. Make sure the top tube is recessed and is at least 4in. from the top of the hole.

At Simplot Western Stockmen’s, we are inspired by the ingenuity of today’s ranchers and farmers. A Ranch & Farm Hack (R.F.H.) is a clever or affordable way of doing things that makes the lives of ranchers and farmers easier. There is nothing worse than going out to feed your animals in the middle of a snowstorm and finding out they destroyed yet another water heater. It turns out there’s a hack for that. You can create a wireless water heater with some materials you might already have laying around. Judd Trolard, from Vale, OR, submitted this “Wireless Water Heater Hack.” He worked as a ranch hand on a 1400+ head beef cattle ranch for many years. This hack works by directing the rising warmth from below the earth’s frost line directly to the bottom of your water tank. “We originally tried this ‘hack’ in our horse pasture. It managed to survive three winters with 40+ horses, and it didn’t freeze once. When I left that ranch, it was still working and it’s probably still going strong,” Judd told us. It is advised to always check your animal’s water for ice in the winter.

7. Fill with water and enjoy.

We want to hear your Ranch & Farm Hacks! Email your farm hacks to com to be featured in next quarter’s issue!

Water Trough

4 in


2 in

2 in

8 ft


18 in

(Water Heater)

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