Keebles Healthcare Special Report - GP's and Dentists - June

As the UK’s population continues to grow so does our demand on the people who keep us healthy - our doctors, dentists and pharmacists. Although you are of course fully committed to keeping us healthy, you are now under more pressure than ever to conform to an increasingly complex and challenging list of compliance and structural pressures. This special report has been designed to ease a little of that pressure. We’ll look at some of the key legal issues affecting GP and dental practices and offer practical suggestions as to how doctors, dentists and their practice managers can side step some of the issues you face. The content of the report has been written by the members of Keebles’ specialist healthcare team, all of whom are working with both medical and dental practices on a daily basis and all of whom are ready to help you with any legal questions you may have regarding the successful running of your practice.

Richard Smith Partner & head of Keebles’ specialist healthcare team

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