Leadership in Action – AUNZ English – 201607-201608

Hard Work The Key to a Successful Melaleuca Business The Difference Is Discipline It takes discipline to own your own business—deciding what hours to open for business and when to be closed for the day, etc.—especially if you are used to working for a boss who has always told you what time to come in and what time to go home. It’s kind of like when the kids go off to college. It’s a real test to see if they can get themselves out of bed each morning and discipline themselves to do their homework and get to bed on time so they can get adequate rest. Only those with self-discipline will make it. So it is also with Melaleuca. Only those who know where they want to go and discipline themselves to set aside time on a daily basis to work their Melaleuca business will reach their goals. To be sure, there are many distractions. In our world there are literally thousands of ways we can spend our free time. Working our business can always wait “one more day.”


Hard work. It doesn’t sound very appealing. It’s old-fashioned and it surely is not considered romantic. But it is the key to almost every successful business venture. When people ask me, “What is the key to building a successful Melaleuca business?” I know they are looking for some profound statement or magic formula. But the answer is very simple. Clearly, all those who have created the most successful businesses have one thing in common: They are hard workers—very hard workers! And they are persistent! In our business, persistence seems to trump all other noble traits! People who keep going, never give up, and never quit, they always make it to the finish line! The good news about all this is that success can be had by every single person who wants it bad enough! There is no elusive “magic formula” that is attainable by the “fortunate” or the “few” who discover it! Success with Melaleuca appears to be an absolute, sure thing for those who persistently work hard at the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities.



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