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ositive Media Cov- erage Remains the Major Benefit of PR By Caryl Bixon Gordon, Caryl Communications, Inc. Build your corporate credibility through public relations which are perfect for social media campaigns. Giving Back Gives


credibility than most advertis- ing investments. In addition to prestige, awards attract a high level of press coverage, much of it generated by the sponsoring organization. Speaking Engagements Showcase Expertise Speakers and panelists at industry events also earn cred- ibility for their companies and for their images as experts. Participants at well-planned programs secure substantial promotional support from the event organizers that en- courages media and those in attendance to learn more. Often, a line forms at the end of a program consisting of indi- viduals who have questions or comments for the speaker and want to meet in person. Bylines Build Corporate Reputation Articles and white papers authored by corporate execu- tives and team members are prime tools to establish cred- ibility and thought leadership as well. Byline content placed in targeted media outlets raise awareness of companies in spe- cific industries depending on the topic. Diverse outlets may include law journals or special sections of business and real estate publications. A byline can also be used for sponsored content in high level media. Events Offer a Focused Spotlight Industry events, with their targeted audiences of potential customers and trade reporters are an ideal showcase for any company’s reach and accom- plishments. Building a strong presence at major trade gath- erings also offer opportunities to capture video and photos

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Like most ma r k e t i n g a n d c o m - munications tools today, public rela- tions (PR) is an evolving process. The l i ne s hav e blurred, and

a Big Credibility Boost A great public relations tac- tic encourages giving back to communities and helping charitable organizations. This is a win for everyone, and often media are interested, espe- cially local news outlets and trade press. Companies that champion community causes earn respect and comradery and doing good for others can also be a morale booster if the giving involves employees. Social Media is a Vehicle That Helps Spread theNews Virtually all business sectors today have embraced social platforms. These tools enable a company to publish its news with immediacy and without any intermediaries. Social is a perfect way to amplify the credibility messages that occur in traditional media place- ments. The Strategy Behind PR Unites Tactics Regardless of the continued changes that we will see as communications evolve, PR provides a perpetual plan to create news that is media- worthy. The focus includes awards, speaking engage- ments, thought leadership, events and philanthropy to engage reporters and establish a public profile of trust. About Caryl Communications, Inc. The agency is an award- winning established public relations agency specializing in the Real Estate Industry. Caryl Bixon Gordon is president of Caryl Commu- nications, Inc. 

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PR shares the spotlight with promotional tactics such as advertising, marketing, col- lateral, Internet campaigns and marketing content. How- ever, PR continues to deliver a unique contribution within this dynamic landscape -- the building of credibility. As a major NJ PR firm, we are dedicated to enhancing a client’s reputation by utilizing the varied tools of our trade to generate news. Articles placed in well-respected trade and consumer publications—both print and online— continue to command greater credibility than most marketing activi- ties. The ability to build status through third-party coverage remains one of the major ben- efits of PR. PR involves more thanmedia activities, however; it is a disci- pline that integrates strategies to highlight the integrity and trust that companies need to grow. Awards are a great example of third-party recognition. Industry accolades are a cor- porate “seal of approval.” Rec- ognition from a leading trade organization does more to build Industry Awards Deliver Rewards



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