Campbell Wealth February 2018

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The Campbell Family Is Off and Running

for the book. At this point, I don’t know who is more excited for the book —Kim to have it completed or me to read it! I had knee surgery in November, which is proving to be a great decision. It turned out that a surgery I had 30 years ago, following a dislocation caused by a sports injury, led to calcification of the ligaments around my knee joints. During the November surgery, doctors removed the calcification. Since then, my knee has been greatly improved. Because my knee felt better, I was able to go skiing in December, and it felt fantastic. Now, I’m getting back into shape after taking some time off from my routine following the surgery. I’m also excited to try my hand at polo. Kim gave me polo lessons for Christmas, and I can’t wait to start. As you can see, we’re only into the second month of the year, but the Campbell household is already off to a running start. I imagine we will be consistently busy until the kids are out of the house in about five years. I hope your 2018 is off to an exciting start, as well. At Campbell Wealth Management, the year is quickly shaping up to be another great one. If you have any questions regarding retirement and investing, or if you have friends who may need some help, give us a call. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us! Kelly Campbell

The time is quickly approaching for our oldest son, Connor, to leave for the University of Maryland. And he may be off sooner rather than later. His coach, Rob Vaughn, advised the incoming freshman baseball players to sign up for summer classes. He wants them to be ready for the fall. Coach Vaughn also had Connor read a book called “Extreme Ownership,” which was written by two Navy SEALs, JockoWillink and Leif Babin. It’s a great read that discusses topics of leadership and teamwork. It’s also a book I happened to have on my bookshelf already, so we didn’t need to track down a copy. Carter, our second oldest, has gotten into a weekly routine. He joined his high school’s swim team and has been going to practice at 6 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday. So, I’ve also been going to swim practice at 6 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday — but just as the driver. Coupled with those practices, Carter is weightlifting six to seven days a week. He’s been following in the footsteps of his older

brother and working hard to get in shape. He’s been much more difficult to wrestle around because he’s seriously putting on the muscle. Codie, our youngest, has been focusing her attention on drama club. She’s been doing a great job in her school’s theater department and drama class. She even started taking singing lessons and has developed quite a lovely singing voice. Maybe that is part of the reason why Codie has fallen in love with American Idol. She has been watching it for a couple of years, but now she’s thinking about trying out after she turns 15. Kim, meanwhile, is preparing for Connor’s departure. It’s going to be a big change in her life and in all of our lives. To help keep her mind off of that prospect, Kim is committing herself to starting her third book. This work will mark the conclusion of her Triple Crown Trilogy. As Kim gets started, she and I will be heading down to Kentucky to do a little research. She’s planning on meeting with some folks in the horse industry to get additional insight

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