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physical therapy and rehabilitation October 2019

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THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING SOMEONE TO TALK TO Let It Out Recently, one of my patients came in for his appointment, and we didn’t do any physical therapy treatment. Instead, we sat down and spent 30 minutes just talking. This isn’t something I normally do, but this patient had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. On that day, I could tell he really needed someone to talk to. Physical therapy is about healing mind, body, and soul. Most days, that means I’m helping patients with physical exercises, but occasionally, I need to be someone they can just talk to. Having someone to talk to is so important. We’re all human, and we need those connections. If you don’t have someone you can talk to about your struggles and vent to, then all those negative emotions multiply and eat you up inside. Sometimes, just the act of talking about things going on in your life can help put you in a better mental state. For example, if you are angry about something and you talk about what made you angry, that can help you work through your feelings until your anger subsides. I’m not suggesting you sit at a bus stop and pour out your life story to strangers. It’s important to have the right person in your life to talk to. I often talk to my wife when I need to process. We’ll talk about what’s going on at work, how the kids are doing, the goals we share, and what we want to accomplish together. At the same time, I have a business consultant who I talk to when I need help with the clinic. They help me work through business problems and provide valuable feedback. It’s great to have a whole network of people you can talk to. If I’m struggling with stress, I might see a counselor. If I need my car fixed, I’ll call a mechanic. If I have health problems, I’m going to talk to my doctor. There’s not one go-to person who can help with every problem, and it would be unfair to expect that of someone. Knowing who to turn to is the first step in finding help. If you feel like you don’t have anyone in your life to talk to, I recommend looking at your church first. A church family will be full of people who want to help one another. Of course, I don’t suggest talking to just anybody you happen to be sitting next to.

“We’re all human, and we need those connections.”

Find a good person, someone you really trust. If you can’t find anyone there, feel free to talk to your physical therapist. We might be able to suggest some mental health services that will let you get things off your chest. People are quick to get help with their physical pain, but for one reason or another, we tend to ignore our mental struggles until they overwhelm us. If my patients are in pain or have weak muscles, they come to me because I can help. My job is to help them get to a better place physically. If my patients are struggling with emotional pain, I encourage them to find someone who can help with that too. That’s how you truly heal mind, body, and soul.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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