Florida Women's Law Group - December 2018

Women Speaking Wisely “A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution.” –Angela Merkel “Do not commit to the sprint . Commit to the marathon .” –Yulin Lee

could indicate a partner’s attraction to them. Likewise, researchers have reported that men seek out women with dilated pupils due to the association of larger pupils with youth and longevity. The connection between the eyes and enthrallment has inspired some of Shakespeare’s most iconic sonnets, and the science behind our eyes validates some of the Bard’s romantic claims. But does this connection between larger pupils and attraction corroborate the idea of love at first sight? If you believe that attraction equates to true love, then absolutely. But if your definition of love requires a little more depth, then you may have to toss aside the idea of love at first sight and instead view your partner’s eyes as mere “windows” to their soul.


How to Work Things Out for the Holidays For either parent, asking for a change to a custody arrangement for the holidays can be a difficult subject to broach, especially early in the year when the conversation is easy to put off. But now, with the season in full swing, either you or your ex may be feeling the need for a change of plans on short notice. At this point, getting a court hearing to work out a custody change through a judge is unlikely. There tends to be a backlog of these requests, especially during this time of year. However, there are a few options available to parents who find themselves in need of last-minute adjustments. INFORMAL CUSTODY MODIFICATION AGREEMENTS If you are comfortable speaking with your ex about matters of custody, you can reach an agreement without going through the court system. You will, however, need to lay out all the ground rules for this temporary change and reach an agreement you are both happy with. This can be done by putting together a simple document that shows both you and your ex agree to this temporary change to your custody agreement. After you’ve reached a consensus with your ex, write out the details of this arrangement, including when and where each of your children will be spending their holidays and who will pick them up or drop them off during the exchange of custody. You must also include the date of the

agreement and both parents’ signatures. Both parents should keep a copy of this agreement.

MEDIATION THROUGH A LAWYER In cases where civil communication with your ex is difficult, you might consider bringing in a legal representative you trust. A family law attorney can speak with your ex or their legal representative to help find an agreeable solution. Experienced lawyers can often help parents understand what the likely outcome of a court decision would be and guide both parties to an equitable solution. Ideally, your original custody agreement has particular rules regarding holiday custody that both parents can stick to. But life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes special situations crop up. If you need to modify your agreement at the last minute this holiday season, know you have options.




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