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Marathon Monthly November 2019 Physical Therapy


Here is the question of the month! What causes clicking in our bodies? Let’s go through the what jointnoisesareandwhat is reallyhappeningwhen you hear a pop, click, snap, or crack. What Is All This Noise? Popping, clicking, snapping, and cracking are all audible sounds. Simple physics tells us that friction between objects gives rise to sound. Think of your two fingers when you do a snap. The same thing

occurs underneath our skin, in/around our tendons, muscles, bones, and joints, which results ina “clicking” ora “snapping”sound.Often times,whengases (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) are released inside our joints, this results in a “crack” or “pop” sound. The technical term for this is cavitation. Think of a balloon popping. Does The Clicking Or Popping Mean That Something Is Wrong? Could joint noises indicate that something is wrong? On the contrary- these noises do not mean that there is something wrong, unless it occurs with pain and/or swelling. Without pain or swelling- joint noise is a very natural occurrence. Where And When DoesThe Sound Happen? Popping and cracking occur when a joint isstretched (thinkofawhenwepullonourknuckle jointsandasoundoccurs). ClickingandSnappingoccurwhena tendon rubsnormallyorabnormallyonanother tendon or bone, and when tightness exists around our tendons and muscles. How Do We Get Rid Of It? Jointnoisessuchaspoppingorcrackingarenothingwe need to get rid of. They are natural occurrences. However, snapping and clicking indicate tightnesses that should be addressed. Long term tightness eventually leads to some sort of musculoskeletal problem such as shoulder impingement, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis to name a few. What Should You Do? Callus toschedulea fullbodyassessment,wherewewould test your joint and muscle flexibility from head to toe. If you suffer from pain, this could be very revealing as to why you have pain. If you struggle with higher

level exercise movements such as push-ups and squats, a full body assessment is essential to your training and work-outs. Call me today at (516) 487-9810.

Sincerely, Dr. Negin Jalayer

TOP FACTORS THAT AFFECT YOUR BONE HEALTH 1. Tobacco & Alcohol Use 2. Obesity 3. Age 4. Race & Family History 5. Hormone Levels

6. Eating Disorders & Other Conditions 7. Certain Medications 8. Gender

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