Risk Services of Arkansas - December 2018

Why In-Vehicle Cameras May Be a Good Idea for Your Fleet

When your driver is clearly not at fault, footage can placate law enforcement, drastically expedite the claims process, and keep money in your pocket that would otherwise get tied up paying for repairs. If your driver is at fault, then the footage still helps speed up the claims process. And it gives you the information you need to discipline or educate the driver to avoid further damage. There are many different in-vehicle cameras available, each with varying features. You can purchase cameras that only record footage relatively inexpensively, or you can spring for more complex options that can record data, such as aggressive driving behaviors, speed, GPS route history, and many other useful elements. But whether you decide to go basic or full-featured, in-vehicle cameras are worth the cost. When crisis strikes, they can potentially save you thousands of dollars, not to mention an enormous headache down the road.

A fleet is an essential part of many organizations’ day-to-day operations, but it can also be a massive liability. Your drivers are responsible for thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment — equipment that through neglect or just bad luck can do irreparable damage to not just your bottom line but to the lives of your workers and those around them. That’s why today, if you do manage a fleet, it may be worth it to implement cameras in your vehicles to mitigate risk and avoid leaving future claims up to fickle testimony. After an accident, determining fault sometimes turns into a game of “he said, she said.” It’s up to a third party to scrape together a scant pile of evidence and figure out the circumstances behind the collision. But when in-vehicle cameras (aka dash cams) are involved, all you need to do is watch the video to lay bare the objective reality of the accident. It’s difficult to overstate the value of this kind of data in the aftermath of a crash.


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