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It’s Easy to See the Negative

Life is full of challenges that we have to overcome. Sometimes these burdens weigh so heavily on us that finding relief seems hopeless. But even in the midst of life’s toughest battles, I believe there is a way to find gratitude. Every moment, no matter how bad it may seem, holds the capacity for beauty. With a little more effort, you can find simple moments to be grateful for, which will lead to more fulfillment in your life. I’ve found that some of the simplest aspects are the ones I’m most grateful for. For example, I feel very fortunate to have good health. An able body allows me to support my family and to do the activities I enjoy. There are so many people who do not have certain opportunities due to physical, emotional, or mental limitations. When I work with my clients, I see the sacrifices they have to make firsthand, which makes me more empathetic toward them. At the other end of the spectrum, I sincerely appreciate the challenges life presents. On Dec.10, 2010, I left my car keys on a bench while my children were at swim practice, and the car was stolen. All of my sensitive work documents were still in my car. Without those files,

I couldn’t do my job. When I left the pool to go home, my vehicle was gone and my career with it. It wasn’t an easy time, but when I look back all these years later, it now feels like a huge victory. I made the decision that day to stop being a manager — I wanted to be my own boss. “ WHEN I WORK WITH MY CLIENTS, I SEE THE SACRIFICES THEY HAVE TO MAKE FIRSTHAND, WHICH MAKES ME MORE EMPATHETIC TOWARD THEM. After the check for the car arrived, I had $900 left over. I used that money to start my company. For years, my family scratched and clawed to make ends meet, but we persevered. Clients trusted me to help them with their health care plan, and they continue to do so today. My success is built on others allowing me to help them,

–Duane Hamilton 1 770-744-1855 stumbling blocks he’s placed in my life. When I take my children out to eat, I make sure they keep that perspective. “It wasn’t long ago that we couldn’t afford this,” I tell them. They get sick of hearing it, but it’s a constant reminder that we must be grateful at every turn. and for that, I’m extremely grateful. When a client looks me in the eye and trusts me, it fills my heart with a desire to help. Working in insurance will show you your strengths and weaknesses really fast. I think it’s easy to dwell on the negative events in life, which makes it hard to be thankful. Before my car was stolen, I only had five months of payments left. I could have wallowed in my negativity, but it ended up being a huge blessing. I can’t comprehend God’s plan, but I’m thankful for the

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