Spring 2021 - Optical Connections Magazine

Announcing the new Intelli-Cross Pro „Intelligent“ Keying for Hyper density Panel Management

Ultra-high density mounting and compatible with the most popular transceiver manufacturers

Pull tabs (tools) are removable and can be easily snapped for shorter lenghts if needed

Your choice of multiple colors is available

Easy, fast, polarity change when needed; just synchronize and rotate!

Single mode UPC APC

Multimode PC


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Insertion Loss

0.3 dB

0.3 dB 30 dB

Back Reflection 55 dB 65 dB

ø 2 mm, ø 3 mm

Applicable cable

Compliant Note: Compliant to GR-326 TWATL test with ITU-T G.657.A1/A2/B2/B3 single-mode. GR-326-CORE TIA/EIA-568.3-D

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