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In its fourteenth successful year, Market Focus has become one of the focal points of the show and remains a popular platform to gain industry knowledge and insight into the latest technologies available. Below are some of the editor’s choice Market Focus highlights from across the entire expo. Click on an image below to see each individual presentation, or access all available presentations, including Product Focus presentations here.




The new roles of optical and packet networks with the advent of 5G RAN architectures – Ericsson Antonella Sanguineti , head

3Dwafer-level micro- optics for ultrafast optical fibre communications – ICON Photonics Co-founders of ICON

The role of optical fibre: On its 50-year anniversarywhat has changed? - Corning Corning Optical and Fibre’s marketing and technology

Photonics Carlos Viana , CEO and Jean-Luc Polleux , CEO and director of international relations respectively, addressed the Market Focus audience with a presentation on photonics packaging. In particular, the presentation covered the challenges and benefits of on-wafer packaging, which include performance and reliability.

development manager Roshene McCool talks about the legacy of fibre, on reaching its half-century, as well as looking forward to what its role in the future might be. She contends that the attributes of fibre that were so important in the past will continue to be so now and in the future, and how those attributes will change in the context of modern transmission systems.

of Ericsson’s optical product line takes a look at the early lessons leaned for the first 5G network rollouts including supporting a variety of technologies and meeting the demand for more capacity in the transport network.

Paving the way for plug and play: Management and control of coherent optical pluggables – Ciena The introduction of

400ZR – From Concept to Reality - Inphi With mega

100G, 400G. 400+G and 800G

transmission standards – Huber+Suhner It is often said that the great thing about standards is that there’s so many of them. In this presentation, Dirk Götzl , manager, RF Electronic at Huber + Suhner Cubeoptics AG guides us through they myriad of fibre optical transmission standards. He also looks at the work being done by the IEEE and MSA groups , along with short-range 800G and 400G SR standards and the longer-range 400ZR and Open ZR technologies. Evolution of cable optical access networks - CableLabs CableLabs’ Dr Alberto Campos and Dr Zhensheng Jia explain that while regional and metro backbone networks are basically no different in architecture to networks in other industries, there are significant differences when it comes to access networks. While backbone and access networks both have central hubs, access networks have multiple bundles of fibre going in many different directions, which are in turn split off to separate fibre nodes. This presentation looks at the ways in which access network technologies have evolved to meet the needs of bandwidth and geographical coverage.

DSP’s into the pluggable performance module space has changed the game, says Ian Alderdice , at Ciena Optical Microsystems. In this presentation, he looks at how such technology advances have bought increased capacity, increased performance and offers a more advanced feature sets, while fitting into smaller footprints and using less power.

data centres moving towards a distributed architecture, Josef Berger , AVP at Inphi, charts the development of 400ZR for its inception, and explains how the innovative technology is a game changer in that it is reinventing data centre interconnect by reducing costs, reducing power requirements and enabling a greatly increased density of connectors.

A path to next generation coherent - Acacia

Lessons learned from the first 5Gmobile network deployments – Exfo Telecommunications networks are evolving at a rapid pace to meet the ever- increasing demand for bandwidth. With the first 5G networks being rolled out, Exfo’s product line manager Guillaume Lavallee looks at the lessons that can be learned from those first deployments and how to properly test the network to achieve great performance when turning on the 5G services.

Tom Williams , Acacia’s vice president of marketing provides an overview of current trends and the tools available to developers of optical communications technologies in the field of coherent interfaces. He explains that while we can now efficiently utilise the spectrum in fibre, we are approaching the Shannon limit and examines how we can continue to scale the network cost effectively. New approaches are needed to keep up with growing bandwidth demand.


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