2940T 2965T Trailing Speedtiller Operating Safety Manual

S P E E D T I L L E R S TA R T - U P T I P S

THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY AND MUST BE READ IN CONJUNCTION WITH INSTRUCTION MANUAL 1) DEPTH CONTROL • Start by setting roller 40mm higher than discs on level service. • Ensure wing roller heights are set the same. (Folding wing models only)

Tracking Left

Tracking Right

Front disc too high

Front disc too low

Figure 30

2) TILT ADJUSTMENT (SETTING TO REDUCE SIDEWAYS TRACKING) • Start with front disc 20mm higher than back discs.

• Follow diagram for tilt settings. pg 28 • To adjust turn front adjuster and lock.

3) FRONT DISC POSITIONING IS FACTORY SET If adjustment is needed, follow instructions on pg 31.

4) SPEED RANGE • 8-15km/hr. (5-9mph) • Greater activity occurs at higher speeds.

5) HEADLANDS/TURNING • Always raise machine when on headlands and when turning.

6) ROAD TRAVEL SPEED LIMIT • 32kmh (20mph) 7) Ensure wings are locked out during operation. (2940T - 2965T)




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