Exceptional Smiles @ Landerbrook April 2019

April 2019


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Spring is in the Air

How was that for a long winter? When that polar vortex rolled through at the beginning of the year, bringing sub-zero temperatures and frost quakes, it felt like spring would never come! But the snow has melted, the flowers are starting to bloom, and I’m starting to remember that it doesn’t have to hurt to breathe when you’re outside. At our house, spring means we’re full swing into athletics. Two of our girls are in spring sports this year, which means our family activities often involve meets and games. I really enjoy spring sports. When I was in high school, spring meant track and field. I ran the 400-meter low hurdles, which were a lot of fun. Running by myself was never something I enjoyed, but running with my friends in a big group was a great experience. Conditioning would start when there was still snow on the ground. Sometimes it was hard to get out there in freezing weather, but we were all in it together, and that made it great. The start of track season meant the beginning of spring, and I really looked forward to track meets. Having meets at our school was fun, but I loved going to other schools in different towns to compete. It was fun to see what was different than or similar to our own school, and there’s a certain thrill when you run on a new track. Meets in general

I had a lot of good experiences running track.

were usually a lot of fun. The weather was nice, I hung out with my friends, and I got to see the effort I’d put into practice pay off in the races. I don’t have my old track warm-ups anymore, but I do have a red, hooded sweatshirt that has the same feel of the fabric we wore back then. Our school color was red, and whenever I wear that sweatshirt, I smile and take a walk down memory lane. I had a lot of good experiences running track. My oldest daughter was in track last year, which I was pretty excited about, until she came home and told us she was going to do pole vaulting. When I went to school in Iowa, pole vaulting was banned because it was deemed too dangerous, so I had a bit of a heart attack when Addison told me she wanted to do it. But she had her heart

set on it, and it got her out of her comfort zone, so we supported her.

Fortunately, Addison finished the season injury-free, and she had fun with the sport. This year, Addison decided to try lacrosse, which, as a dad, I personally prefer to pole vaulting. Our middle daughter, Kayla, is in track again, and she’s thankfully keeping her feet on the ground. Even though it’s been years since I tried to run 400 meters, for me, spring is still a time to kick things into gear. Our practice has gone through a lot of change this past winter, and I am excited to see the growth we’ll experience this spring. We have a lot of new goals, and we’re ready to hit the ground running. –-Jason A. Schermer


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