BTS -Program

Non Surgical Schedule - Day 2 Friday, December 2nd

12:00 pm 12:45 pm

Lunch in the exhibition area - Sponsored By Galderma Industry sponsored lunch workshop- Allergan Sneak Peek Juvéderm VOLUX for Jawline Definition - Patricia Ogilvie

1:30 pm

Botulinum Toxin Chair: Tapan Patel & Co-Chair: Ting Song Saftey and Efficacy of Prabotulinumtoxin A in the Teatment of Glabellar Lines in Millennials VS Non Millennials. - Rui Avelar My safe and natural approch of neurotoxins for asian patients - Ting Song Pre-juvenation, neurotoxin for the millenial patient - Ofir Artzi Facial rejuvenation of the upper face with neurotoxin (female patient) - Patricia Ogilvie Facial rejuvenation of the upper face with neurotoxin (male patient) - Tapan Patel Neurotoxin adjustment with the passing of time (how do you adjust technique as your patients get older) - Shino Bay


Clinical real-life scenarios Chair: Mary Lupo & Co-Chair: Raj Acquilla

2:45 pm

Liquid Rinoplasty Consultation: How to say “NO” as a physician if you aren’t comfortable with a procedure on a patient that you’ve had for years. - Patricia Ogilvie and Ofir Artzi Shino wants to Transition and Adam needs to navigate the conversation Shino Bay and Adam Rubenstein Russian Lips: When enough is engouh Jenifer Pearlman and Mary Lupo

3:15 pm

Coffee break in the exhibition area

3:45 pm

Complications Chair: Mary Lupo & Co-Chair: Raj Acquilla

Diagnosis, Management, & Avoidance of injectable complications - Andreas Nickolis Long term management of nose arterial occlusion, skin necrosis and scarring after filler injection - Ofir Artzi If you haave never had a comlications,you are not inject enough - Mary Lupo

4:45 pm

Social Media + Marketing Chair: Shino Bay & Co-Chair: Brad Calobrace

Social Media Responsibility - Shino Bay

Attract more patients through marketing funnels - Jared Rohrer Building a franchise - Brad Calobrace


6:00 pm

Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Allergan


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