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If you’ve got a young kid, you’ve certainly come up against the struggles of “schedule overload”: so many activities piling up on the calendar that it seems impossible to get to all of them. But regardless of how busy your little tyke is, making time for music lessons is a sound investment in their development, whether or not it becomes a lifelong pursuit. Perhaps the most tangible benefit of studying an instrument is the way that it naturally improves your child’s academic skills. It’s been said that music is math. As your child works through scales, learns to read rhythms, and memorizes songs, they’re creating deep neural ties that will allow them to gain an instinctual understanding of patterns, fractions, and mathematical thinking. Not only that, but they’ll strengthen their short- and long-term memory and improve cognitive function. Studies show these deep-seated benefits have the greatest impact on students who begin taking lessons before age 7, but they can still help children who get a later start. Playing a musical instrument bolsters physical capabilities as well. Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and synchronization of different movements are all improved by musical study. It’s amazing to see how these skills translate to other abilities, from typing to playing sports. Additionally, the hours your child spends practicing will help them develop a keen sense of discipline and patience. Many instruments have a steep learning curve, but they reward dedicated students with a skill they’ll never lose. Setting and reaching these sometimes distant THE MANY BENEFITS OF Music Lessons

Hello, my name is Grace Price. I am 14 and a freshman at Novi High School. I have been taking guitar lessons at Expressions Music Academy since fourth grade, and learning music has been a wonderful experience so far. Expressions has always been a part of my music career.

My first guitar was a learner guitar my mom got me to see if I would stick with playing. When I started lessons, I went to weekend jam sessions to meet other kids. Alex taught most of the groups, and I had a lot of fun at them. Alex has always been a positive influence on my music journey. After we decided I was serious about playing guitar, I got my second guitar two years ago. It was a shock to see such a huge difference in quality between the two guitars. I have had three instructors in total: Mike, Nick, and my current instructor, Matt Besey. I have done many recitals, and I’ve been to two AGM competitions and received awards at both. AGM was definitely one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life, but both times, I had a great time performing. It is important to stay calm before a recital or competition, because if you are stressed, you could forget your music or make a mistake. I made the error of practicing with music for about three months, and then I showed up at the competition, and they informed me I could not use music. Make sure to practice without music. Now that I’m older, music is definitely a huge stress reliever in my life. If I’m tense from school, I always can count on my guitar to calm my nerves. I know finding time to practice an instrument can be hard to fit in anyone’s busy schedule, but try to plot out a specific time every day just to sit down and play. I tend to practice at night before I go to bed. My favorite part about lessons at Expressions is learning new music and then seeing my improvement as I work on the song for a week or two. Some other hobbies I have, besides guitar, are playing basketball and tennis. I have been playing tennis for eight years and basketball for four. My goals for high school are to keep playing guitar but to also continue my success in academics. I hope to eventually make varsity tennis and basketball, as I love both sports and have played them for a long time. Finally, I don’t have any set college plans as I am still figuring out where I would potentially like to go. In closing, over the years it has been such a great experience learning guitar at Expressions. One of the best things, in my opinion, is being able to play an instrument, and I am fortunate to have that opportunity.

goals will improve attention, focus, and drive in your child like no other pursuit can. This self-motivation will serve them well as they grow into adults, confident in their ability to see a project through to its end.

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