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" I’ve heard about a few of these interesting holidays before, and I’ve always wondered how they become official."

2, which is the day of Japan’s formal surrender, taking place on the USS Missouri.

Another historical yet almost forgotten holiday happening this month is Vesuvius Day on Aug. 24. This day, in 79 A.D., Mount Vesuvius exploded, covering the city of Pompeii and Herculaneum with ash, toxic gas, and molten lava. As it turns out, there are no federal holidays in all of August — in fact, it's the only month besides March that doesn’t include a government approved holiday. In Massachusetts, Evacuation Day, aka St. Patrick’s Day, is a state holiday and makes up for there being no federal holiday in March, so around here, August is really the only one. Like all holidays, official or otherwise, they are designed to bring something to the front of your mind. You don’t need a National Day to tell you to appreciate your wife (although Wife Appreciation Day is the third Sunday in September), be a good neighbor (Good Neighbor Day is Sept. 28), or to give a friend a hug (National Hugging Day is Jan. 21). But if this type of reminder conjures up a good childhood memory or prompts you to do something for someone, that’s what it’s all about. Come to think of it, I did have a hot dog on July 18. So there is hope for April 10 (Be Kind to Lawyers Day). This month, make up your own holiday for August and visit your favorite summer spot before our next official holiday (Labor Day) arrives. –Neil Crowley


a day. The site has a variety of holidays and includes a link so anyone can register a holiday they want celebrated. All you have to do is fill out the form on the website and receive some benefits once your holiday is approved, including a proclamation, a media release, a media alert sent to broadcasters associated with the National Day Calendar, and even a radio update announced over hundreds of different stations across America. As you can imagine, there is quite a range of interests represented by National Days. Included on the website are Older: Dewey Decimal System Day (Dec. 10); Weird: Squirrel Appreciation Day (Jan. 21); National Rat Catchers Day (July 22), and Newer: World Emoji Day (July 17); and National App Day (Dec. 12). Among these off-the-wall holidays, there are a few that have historical weight to them. Aug. 14 and 15 celebrate V-J Day. Short for “Victory Over Japan Day,” the significance for V-J Day marks when Japan surrendered to the Allies on Aug. 14, 1945. This holiday is also celebrated on Sept.

Recently on the radio, I heard a DJ wishing everyone a Happy National Hot Dog Day (July 18). I was aware of National Pancake Day because the IHOP near the Dedham office gives away free pancakes that day (Feb. 27). I’ve heard about a few of these interesting holidays before, and I’ve always wondered how they become official. For a holiday to pass nationwide, they require an act of Congress, but these didn’t go that route. The more popular holidays, such as Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day, have gone through the steps needed to get Congress to recognize them as important holidays. The more entertaining and fun holidays, such as National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on Aug. 4, haven't gone through this process. Although they might not be recognized nationwide, they’re certainly fun to celebrate. I was curious about these odd holidays, so I did a search and happened across the National Day Calendar: a website where many of these unique holidays are listed and discussed. There are 1,500 national holidays on the website, including holidays that last for a month, a week, or only


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