Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Hose Grip color codes

Color Function Green Wing lift Blue

Hydraulic Hose Hook up

Roller (option)


Rear Module Safety lock. (42ft / 12.8m & 40ft 12m)

 For ease of hook up, hose grip handles are color coded.  The same color is used for both hoses on each circuit To distinguish between EXTEND and RETRACT grips are marked according to Figure 8

Figure 7


Figure 8


Electrical Connection Hook up

 Ensure tractor and machine electrical connections are compatible  Plug lead into tractor terminal  Test lighting prior to road travel (Power not required for field work)

Wing Transport Safety Locks (all models)  See figure 10 for wing lock system.

Figure 9



Rear Module transport safety locks

 30ft / 9m See figure 11 to operate manually.  40ft / 12m & 42ft / 12.8m operate tractor remotes to

Figure 10


Always engage wing safety locks when in raised position.  Ensure wing and rear modules are fully raised before disengaging wing safety locks.

Lock Un-Lock

 Safety locks prevent the wings and rear modules from dropping in transport. Never rely only on the hydraulic system.


Un- Lock

Priming Hydraulic System

 Fully extend and retract hydraulic cylinders  Repeat 3-4 times and hold lever extended each way for 10 to 15 seconds to release air from the system.

Figure 11

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