Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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MACHINE OPERATION The Speedtiller ® is a high performer in a wide range of conditions, but you will need to know how to set up your new machine to gain the full benefits.

Four Main Adjustments

Regulates depth via rear roller Controls Tracking in line and affects ground disturbance. Controls ground disturbance.

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Depth Control Fore & Aft Tilt

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Front Disc Gang Lateral positioning

Controls furrow filling and levelling. 19

Side Coulter adjustment

Adjustment Tables pages 20-21  First Start-Up –  What do you need your Speedtiller ® to do? -  Problem Solving-


Before adjusting in the field YOU MUST:

 engage all safety locks when in raised position or,  lower machine to just above ground level.  Shut down engine.

Speed range  5-9 mph (8-15 km/hr).  Speed variable to suit conditions. (see pages 22- 23)  Greater activity occurs at higher speeds.

Figure 19

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