Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Depth Control * NB If fitted with optional gauge wheel and rear bumper system temporarily raise before setting depth. See figures 22 (a). & 22 (b). Rear roller controls depth,  To work deeper adjust roller upwards .  To work shallower adjust roller downwards.  For initial depth setting start shallow.  Operate machine for short distance and stop.  Adjust depth control in small increments to achieve required depth.  Ensure both wing modules operate at same depth. Manual Adjustment (see figure 20)  Rotate Adjuster and Lock Hydraulic Adjustment- optional (see figure 21)

Manual System

Roller Adjuster for depth control adjustment

Figure 20

Hydraulic System

Color coded Depth Stops for Roller depth control .

 Operate by tractor remotes, use color coded depth stops to set maximum required depth. (For ram stop sequence guide see page opposite.) Gauge wheel & rear bumper system adjustment (optional)

Figure 21

This accessory helps support machine in softer soils. Settings on this system must be done in conjunction with rear roller settings. (See figure 22) Rear bumper adjuster uses frame to support module. STEP ONE  Adjust system down to contact and carry slight weight. STEP TWO  Adjust down to carry more weight according to conditions. Wing Unfolding  Hydraulic wing cylinders must be fully extended for all models and remote lever operated in float mode.  Models with floating wing slots (page 19) fully extend hydraulic cylinders,  Models without floating wing slots must be operated in float position at all times.

Gauge wheel Adjuster

Figure 22 (a)

Rear Module Adjuster

Figure 22 (b)

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