Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Fore and Aft, Tilt & tracking in line

IMPORTANT Fore and Aft or tilt level affects how machine tracks, straight tracking in line gives superior ground disturbance, better trash flow and more even disc wear. In general, start with front row of discs working ¾” (20mm) higher than back row of discs. The tilt of rear module has more effect on tracking in line of the machine. However it is necessary to check wing tilt as well.

Two Wing Tilt Adjusters Adjust Simultaneously

To adjust Tilt on wing modules

20ft / 9m model  Tilt operates both wings together  Turn both adjustments simultaneously and lock. (figure 23) 40ft / 12m & 42ft / 12.8m models  Tilt adjustment is individual for each wing module see figure 24  Loosen locking bolts on both wings  Turn wing tilt adjusters to desired setting and tighten  Tighten all locking bolts *NB ensure tilt setting is the same on both wings

Figure 23

Tilt Adjuster

To adjust rear modules

 Turn adjuster and lock. (figure 25)

Locking bolt

Figure 24

After initial setting, run machine at normal operating speed and stop. Stand behind machine to check if machine is tracking correctly. If adjustment is needed follow figures 26 & 27 on following page.

Rear module top link

*NB for tracking in line both wing modules must be set at the same depth

Figure 25

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