Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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First Start-up

Figure 31-B



Before starting

Set machine on level surface 

Fully extend wing rams for machines with float slots.


For machines without wing slots float mode must be used. Adjust roller 1” or 25mm above surface.


 Preliminarily adjust tilt approximately ¾” or 20mm higher at front. Run at operating speed & check adjustments in this order.  Tracking in line .  Lateral front disc adjustment   Side coulter setting *NB all wing modules must be the same depth for correct tracking in line .


16/17 18/19

Depth (adjust deeper gradually).

15 19

What do you need your Speedtiller ® to do?



Mulch in trash for humus building

Shallower and faster better for mulching. Shallower gives more trash flow. May have to go slower if trash content is heavy. Adjust side coulter if necessary

15 14

 


Full ground disturbance for better weed control, trash flow & seed bed preparation.

Pay Specific attention to settings & operating conditions 

Full ground disturbance starts at 2 ½” 60mm Cross working 15° off line is best to level soil and give better trash flow.

Soil moisture & conditions.

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