Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Depth setting- ensure both wing modules are the same depth. This can affect tracking in line .

15 16/17

Tracking in line (tilt)

  

Lateral disc gang adjustment.

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Side coulter settings.

Work Soil Deeper

Gradually lower depth settings.

 

Slower operating speed.

Problem Solving



Need more disturbance & weed control

Check these adjustments in sequence-  Tracking in line .  Lateral disc gang adjustment.  Lower depth control settings (gradually).

16/17 18/19 15

Machine Blocking in loose soil with heavy trash

Work at an angle 15° off line. Lift front disc gang to work shallower, ensuring rear disc gang is operating deep enough to drive in the soil. Slow down to allow time for trash to move through machine.

 



 Adjust side coulter (common reason for blockage). Coulter Adjustment alternatives-  Lift up.  Move forward.  Angle coulter outwards.  Move coulter to outside of


support member to give better to give better clearance for trash flow.

Plugging in Wet Soils

16 15

Raise working depth

  

Increase speed

Give soil more time to dry out.

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