Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Daily maintenance check for optimum performance

Before Starting Work: 1. Check all pivot pins are fastened and anchor bolts are correctly tensioned. Follow tension specification on Pages 35-36 2. Before mounting wheel to machine, check all hub and rim contact surfaces are undamaged and free of paint, dirt and grease. 3. Lubricate wheel studs with standard viscosity oil. 4. Tension wheel nuts to see page 26 for torque specifications. 5. For field operation: Re-tension after first, fifth, then every fifty hours of operation. 6. For road travel re-tension first 3miles (5kms), 10miles (15kms), and thereafter at 25miles (40kms) intervals 7. Check tires are inflated see page 26. 8. Check discs and disc bolt tension to specified torque 250ft lb / 340nm 9. Check for damaged, worn and fatigued parts. Have machine repaired if necessary. 10. Ensure all appropriate safety decals are securely attached to machine – Refer to Pages 5-7 11. Check hydraulic system is fully primed – see Page 25 12. Check all safety mechanisms are in place and operating correctly 13. Lubricate rear roller bearings – Refer to Page 25 14. Instruction manual has been read, understood and stored with machine.

Figure 32

Disc bolts – check first 10 hours

Figure 33

Figure 31

Always reset adjustments after changing disc blades

Disc Arm Locating Bolts – check first 10hrs of operation

Figure 34

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