Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Tire Safety & Pressures

Always cage tires before seating beads. Never exceed stated pressures when seating beads



 Always cage tires before seating beads. (see figure 35 & 36)  Never exceed a stated pressures when seating beads.  Do not attempt to mount a tire unless you have the suitable equipment and experienced personnel.  Inflating tires can be dangerous. Always stand to the side when inflating. (35 & 36)  Load ratings of replacement tires should meet or exceed weight requirements.  Correct pressure is 35PSI / 250KPA  Before mounting wheel to machine, check all hub and rim contact surfaces are undamaged and free of paint, dirt and grease.  Lubricate wheel stubs with standard viscosity oil.  Tension wheel nuts to 700ft lbs / 950nm.  For field operation: Re-tension after first, fifth, then every fifty hours of operation.  For road travel re-tension first 3miles (5kms), 10miles (15kms), and thereafter at 25miles (40kms) intervals Disc Arm Identification (Rear view)

Failure to comply could result in serious injury or death.

Figure 35

Figure 36

Tire pressure 35PSI / 250KPA Wheel nut tension 700lbs / 950nm

Left Hand Throw (Front row)

Right Hand Throw (Back row)

Top plate bolt tension 200ft lb / 280nm Disc bolt tension 250ft lb / 340nm

Figure 38

Figure 37

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