Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Table of Contents

First Start-up




What do you need your Speedtiller ® to do?

Identifying the machine Tractor requirements

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Problem Solving

Definitions used in this manual

Daily Maintenance

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Safety Alert


Performing maintenance

Safety Alert Symbol

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Priming Hydraulic System

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Signal words

Wheel Bearings- lubrication & servicing of.

Your Safety & the Safety of other Persons is Important

Lubrication of Roller Axle bearings

Safety sign locations

Tire Safety and Pressures

Safety Decals Safety sign care

Wheel nut torque specifications

Disc arm identification

To order Safety Decals

Attaching Jump arm to machine Exploded view of disc arm assembly

How to Install Safety Decals

Side coulter assembly

Safe Operation


Hitching and Un-hitching Hydraulic Hose hook-up


Rear Roller bearing (standard equipment) Rear Roller bearing (heavy duty) Fold Hydraulic Circuits diagram Roller Hydraulic Circuits diagram Magna-Lite Wiring Harness Schematic

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Electrical connection hook-up Wing transport safety locks


Power lines can arc and electrocute Hydraulic System Failure

Bolt torque table Imperial Bolt torque table metric

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Speedtiller ® Multiflex Specifications


Machine Operation Setting & Adjustments

14 Risk Management


Speed Range

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K-Line Agriculture risk assessment


Ram Stop Sequence Guide



Depth control

Warranty registration form Warranty Request form

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Gauge wheel and rear bumper system (accessory) Fore and Aft level (tilt) & Tracking in line Front disc gang lateral positioning

Side coulter adjustment

K-Line Ag has produced this manual as a guide for the operation of your machine.

While every care and precaution has been taken in compiling this booklet, K-Line Ag carries no responsibility for errors and omissions.

 This production is made available as is, without warranty of any kind expressed or implied.

 K-Line Ag assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of information contained herein.

 This booklet is compiled to comply with the present state of the machine at the time of publication, and K- Line Ag reserves the right to improve and revise their products at any time

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