Multiflex Speedtiller Operator Safety Manual

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Your safety and the safety of other persons is important!


 Wear suitable clothing – loose clothing is dangerous  Use hearing protection – loud noises can cause deafness  Use gloves and eye protection – high pressure fluids are dangerous. Release pressure from hydraulic lines before disconnecting


 Attach safety chains to towing unit  Only operate machine from tractor seat  No riders on machine  Keep body well clear – machine components can suddenly move or fall  Shut down tractor while making adjustments  Check tire pressures and wheel nut tension  Do not exceed speed limit 20 mph (32 km/h) – UNBRAKED MACHINE  For road travel conform with All federal, state and local authority requirements


 Pay full attention to your task – distractions while operating machinery are extremely dangerous  Check for overhead power lines  Keep clear of escaping high pressure fluid which can penetrate the eyes and skin


 Use approved safety signs and lighting

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