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18 MAR

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Spring Is Here

Renewal, Re-education, and Celebration

I always think of March as the yellow time of year. It usually starts to feel like spring around

mid-February, and the pollen arrives not long after that. When you wake up in the morning or leave work for the day, you can expect a dusting of pollen on your car or your porch. If you have allergies, you probably regard it as a nuisance. But for me,

it’s a sign that spring has officially sprung.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so we felt it was the perfect time to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for our new building. We invited our colleagues in the area as well as a few local businesses to join us for a little tour and celebration. It wasn’t anything crazy, but it was fun to open our doors to the community. I also got to show off a few of the prints of famous paintings I’ve been filling the office with.

“Spring is a time of new beginnings, so we felt it was the perfect time to have a ribbon- cutting ceremony for our new building.”

This issue hasn’t just affected one law; it’s a persistent problem in our state. As somebody who firmly believes that unfinished legislation shouldn’t be the basis for arrests, prosecutions, or sentencing, it is definitely cause for alarm. The upside is that through discoveries like this, attorneys can hold the state accountable. It also allows us to take a look at previous cases and investigate new ways to help our clients. Vicki and I also traveled to Atlanta for some education on the latest in DUI defense. You’ll learn more about what we learned inside this issue, but let me say here that DUI cases are always changing. It’s on us to stay up to date so we can provide the best possible service to our clients. I think Vicki may have enjoyed that trip more than she enjoyed the monster truck rally.

We recently held a team-building event in Columbia, South Carolina. We went to Monster Jam, a massive

monster truck rally. It was mostly just a chance to do something fun with our team. When I announced the event to the team, I think half of them were excited and the other half were dreading it. Attorney Vicki Koutsogiannis didn’t hide her lack of excitement. But after the event, everyone admitted they’d had a good time, even if they went begrudgingly. At the very least, I know they got a laugh from seeing a massive truck decorated to look like Scooby-Doo. Of course, it hasn’t been all fun and games. I’ve recently been working on a new edition of my book on domestic violence cases, “Challenging CDV.” Part of what spurred me to update the book was a discovery I made regarding improper practices by our Secretary of State’s office. I won’t bore you with all the legal minutiae, but in a nutshell, a law had been on the books without proper authorization. This oversight calls into question every case prosecuted under this law in the past two years.

In closing, I want to wish everyone a spring full of renewal, sunshine, and all the pollen you can stand. –Jim Snell | | F: 803-359-7691 | P: 803-753-1476 1

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