King's Business - 1917-10

T H E K ING ’S BUS INESS 873 The liquor interests seem to have today a throttle hold, not only upon the government in the United States, but also in Great Britain. While Great Britain has appealed to us to economize rigidly in our consumption

Domination of Rum.

of grains, that we may have it in our power to send grain to England to support life there, England is permitting an enormous waste of the same kind of grains in the manufacture of beer. It was recently decided by the government to per­ mit a manufacture of one-third more beer during the summer months than has been permitted in the past. It is said in the defense of Lloyd George, by his friends, that this was necessary, that otherwise there would have been a revolu­ tion. This defense may be true, but if it is true, what an appalling state of affairs it reveals, that the liquor powers will either rule or incite rebellion. Neither is this all. A book has been published and had a large circulation in England called “Victory and Defeat.” This book has exposed some of the enormities of the liquor traffic. From what one can learn of the book it would seem to have been an extreme statement of the case (though containing a very large measure of truth), but even if that is the case the action of the govern­ ment is astounding. The book has been proscribed outside of England. The sale is permitted in England, but they are not allowed to send it here, and the circulation has been proscribed in Canada. If any Canadian is found with it in his possession, he is fined about $5000. What are the liquor powers afraid of ? What is the government of England afraid of ? The people will know the facts, but must England and America bow to Rum and acknowledge Rum as absolute master of us and our destinies.

When the dry forces of our Congress and Senate seemed to be about to gain a complete triumph, Cardi- nal Gibbons came out with a public manifesto against bone dry legislation. And what he had to say had a

Rum and Romanism.

great deal to do, if it was not altogether responsible for, carrying the day against the dry forces in the United States Senate. Those who do not know Rome were Surprised at Cardinal Gibbons’ action, but when we bear in mind how thoroughly the church of Rome is supported by the liquor element, one ought not to be surprised. A total suppression of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquors as a beverage would very Seriously deplete the revenues of the Romish church. There' has been a long understanding, if not formal alliance, between Rum and Romanism.

One of the things which is causing most serious thought in connection with the present war is the conduct of the Roman Catholic Church. Rome’s attempt to

Rome’s Attitude.

Romanise Servia had much to do with the assassination that was made an excuse for the present war, and Rome'as far as she dared seems to have played

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